Business Valuation

Business Valuation Experts

Understanding the Worth of Your Enterprise

In the dynamic business landscape, grasping the true value of your enterprise is pivotal for strategic decision-making and future planning. Business valuation, a comprehensive process, determines the economic worth of a company, providing crucial insights into its financial health and market position.

Business Valuation

Key Methods of Business Valuation

Determining a business's true value requires a thorough analysis beyond its bank account. Business valuation utilizes various methods, including:

  • Market Approach
  • Income Approach
  • Asset-Based Approach

Experienced business valuation experts like ValuGenius combine these methods and factor in elements like goodwill, brand recognition, and intellectual property to deliver the most accurate and defensible valuation tailored to your specific needs.

Unravelling the Mystery of Business Valuation

Valuation serves as the cornerstone of negotiations and holds immense significance in any transaction. Whether it's a business entity, equity shares, or tangible assets, understanding their worth is paramount

The Essence of Business Valuation

Business valuation aims to ascertain both the Fair Value (fundamental intrinsic value using Income and Asset approach) and Market value (Relative value) to bridge the gap between intrinsic and market value for value creation, essential for corporate actions such as M&A, fund raising, ESOP, and dispute resolution.

Our Approach to Business Valuation

At ValuGenius, we believe business valuation transcends numbers. We invest time in comprehending the business dynamics, financial models, key value drivers, industry trends, and financial forecasts. Leveraging our extensive experience, we apply suitable valuation methodologies, including Income, Asset, and Market approaches, coupled with deep sector knowledge and benchmarking analysis to provide value-added advice to our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Independent assessment of businesses/assets
  • Valuations of closely held companies, shareholdings, brands, and intangible assets
  • Joint Venture valuations
  • Valuations for litigation or arbitration
  • Valuation opinions for regulatory compliance
  • Complex valuations including Preferred Stock valuation
  • Valuations for financial reporting purposes under IND AS
  • Performing Scenario Analysis and Sensitivity simulation.