Why Valuation Services?

Why Valuation Services?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India introduced Section 247 into the Companies Act in late 2017, introducing the requirement for a Registered Valuer (RV) for all valuations to be carried out under the Companies Act. A Registered Valuer is a valuation professional who can value shares, securities, intangible assets, or tangible assets.

Valuation requires experience, professional judgment, and absolute commitment to ensuring exceptional client service. Our experienced certified professionals with their extensive delivery capabilities, deep financials, valuation, and industry expertise give value to your reports.

Credible Valuations are critical to the efficient working of the capital markets, businesses, government and all its stakeholders. With growing shareholder activitism, importance of independent valuation is arising all over the world.

We advise clients in all aspects of finance and our expertise lies in the areas of debt, equity and transaction advisory. The firm rests on its strong and professional leadership that has an in-depth understanding of key business drivers. Our management excels in domain knowledge, capital syndication alternatives with remarkable transaction execution capabilities and have established network with leading private equity funds, banks & financial institutions. We offer independent advice on debt & capital raising, mergers & acquisition, financial reconstructing, valuation and due diligence for our clients.

Our report can be used at

  • Registrar of Companies (‘ROC’)
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
  • Stock Exchange
  • Companies Act
  • Income Tax Department
  • Insolvency Proceedings